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Acquiring experienced IT specialists or new projects doesn't have to be only about acquisitions or job advertisements. We are here as another option.

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Fill in a registration form. After approval you will receive login details. During your first login you will accept our General terms and GDPR and your account will be acctivated.

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In the section "My requests", you add your inquiries or offers so they are visible for other users. You also look at other inquiries or offers inside the portal.

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Did you find an inquiry or offer, which you are interested in? Do you want more information? Click on "Want to connect" and we will take the next steps. We will connect with both sides for further details.


If both sides agree with conditions of cooperation, we will connect you directly. You will get direct contact and the next negotiation is up to both of you.

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So far, the fastest registration was completed in 5 minutes. On average, the registration is done within 24 hours.
So far, the quickest connection took only 4 days by clicking on "Want to connect" until the developers started working on the project. Wish to try to beat this record?
Most of the requirements for connections we have every Monday after the newsletters are sent. If you wish to fulfill your wishes as soon as possible, we recommend to fill them in before Monday 10AM CET.

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Market overview

Registered customers have an overview of currently requested or offered capacities, technologies and rates. The most interesting figures are regularly sent in our Market overview.

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We don't consume your time with customers who do not fit your portfolio, rates or type of cooperation. From shortlisted customers, you decide what is interesting for you and we will connect you.

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Together, we are looking for optimal solutions and making sure that all communication will go smoothly. If needed, we are available for assistance, even when you have a direct connection with the customer. We pride ourselves in taking care of you.

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They have a friendly approach. It's great that there are people behind this platform who are taking care of you. In a short period, we have found a new customer and the cooperation is great. I do highly recommend you try their expertise.

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Aleš Vyka

Business Architect

Thanks to Duxio, I effortlessly found a new project when I was looking for it. Moreover, I recently selected one, got a contact for the customer and started to work. Great source for freelancers.


Jiří Slimařík


I received a recommendation on this portal when I was looking for a new project for a couple of our developers. I simply entered their technical skills and soon was offered a new project for them. Their staff have been very helpful throughout the process. I can highly recommend cooperating with them.

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Pavlína Zychová


I'm not so familiar with IT, therefore I contacted them when I was seeking a web designer who would quickly push my project forward. Cooperation with them made the search very efficient. I had a call with a selected specialist within a week and especially appreciated their quick communication, advice and support throughout the process. For a person unfamiliar with the IT world, it was a tremendous help and time saver.


Martin Bareš

Startup project owner

In the past, they effectively helped us with solving capacity needs on our project. Their service perfectly complements other possibilities for solving development capacities in the complex world of IT supplies.

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Lukáš Tomášek


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Sales Representative

Viktor is responsible for the Slovakian and German markets and takes care of Slovakian and German customers. He is Slovak and German speaking.

Timea Dzurendová

Sales Assistant

Timea is responsible for the Slovakian market and assists Slovakian customers. As a Slovak & English speaker, she also provides administrative support for the entire sales team.

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